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”We have to remember that what we observe is not nature herself, but nature expose to our method of questioning”.  Werner Heisenberg

For centuries, humans have used representation to formulate ideas about reality and to question nature.  The conceptual framework of a given historical epoch, gave rise to a system of spatial representations that cohered with different modes of belief.  

The Greeks represented harmony and proportion.  The middle ages represented divinity.  The Renaissance represented human reason.  The Baroque represented movement and the concept of infinity.  The romantic period represented natural law.  Modernity represented the objective world of science. Architecture as a profession was born in the Renaissance thanks to the invention of Perspective drawing and orthographic projections (plans, sections and elevations); it became possible to transmit ideas (designs) for others to build.  Architectural systems of representation beyond technical instruction, are a codified way of seeing.

Locating my practice within the rational systems of architectural drawing, I use traditional perspective, anamorphosis (distortion), and axonometric projection (3D without the use of perspective), to expose the logic and ambiguity of drawing.  Working with the materials and tools of the architect—squares, triangles, compass, pencil, ink and Mylar– I create hybrid drawings and sculptural maquettes.  In my practice, different systems of architectural representation collide, mix or are dismantled to reveal the way we observe and question how reality coheres —or not—with the present modes of thinking.

ArchiPlastia_1_2020_082520_015 1.jpeg
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