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Alexandra Schoenberg was born in Cali, Colombia.  She pursued architecture studies at Universidad Javeriana in Bogota graduating in 1986.  Her training in technical drafting and architectural rendering greatly influenced her art practice and love for pencil drawing.  Alexandra moved to the United States in 1987.  

She lived north of San Francisco where she worked for Christopher Secor Architects until 1991.  She moved to Philadelphia in 1991 and continued working as an architect at the firm of Susan Maxman Architects.  In 1993, she moved to New Jersey where she worked for Robert Kruse and associates until 2010.  Alexandra earned her MFA degree in 2014 from Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey where she embraced the techniques of architecture drafting as an art medium.  Alexandra has exhibited at the CoAD gallery at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ First Street Gallery in New York City, The Gateway Project, Newark, NJ among others.  

Alexandra has a studio in East Orange, New Jersey and is part of an art collective called the Art Gang.  In her art practice, different tropes of architectural representation collide to expose the mechanics of how we observe the world.

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